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Be Different from the mass

We spend an average of 2 to 4 hours of our waking hours interacting on social media based on various studies and just as entertaining. Given that this proportion is so high, we often still tend to overestimate our abilities and upload pictures that are often very "American". Basically, you are mistaken for lighting and typical rules of the photographic world. The result is bad and one-sided photos of us. Women in particular tend to take photos of themselves at exactly the same angle and upload them. The result, a social media wall looking like the usual narcissistic wallpaper without character and style.

Since we and our photos are viewed and appreciated by many people we know that we would need to take an extra step to be different. We don't want to be a regular wallpaper somewhere on social media, because we are much more. In order to present it correctly, it is sometimes necessary to invest in the services of a professional photographer. In addition to getting nice photos of yourself, you will definitely learn the basics in the process and improve your photography skills for the future.

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